Weekly Sign-in Sheet BUNDLE

Never again use a scrap piece of paper or the back of whatever is lying around as a sign-in sheet! This super fantastic bundle includes 4 different versions of sign-in sheets to use in different situations. This download includes: Page 1 – Name and grade Page 2...

Event Logistics Short Form

This is a shortened version of the Comprehensive Event package. Use this form for smaller, local events that do not have as many details. This 3 page package includes: * Event Logistics * Student Information * Adult Information

Comprehensive Event Logistics Package

In this 15 page package, you can keep track of all the logistics for your big event. This package includes: * Venue info and logistics * Leader info * Meal Plan * Pastoral Concerns * Room Set up * Supply List

Small Group Information

Give this one-page form to your small group leader to keep track of their group’s information. This form includes: * Names of teens and In Case of Emergency (ICE) numbers * Dietary restrictions and allergies * No Photo List * Medication distribution...